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Leica Disto D810 Touch Distance Measurer

Leica Disto D810 Touch Distance Measurer

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The Leica DISTO D810 Touch Distance Measurer is the first laser distance meter world-wide to feature a touch screen, allowing for quick and intuitive operation. Documenting measurements has never been simpler as you are now able to capture a picture of the object you are measuring overlayed with all the measurement information.

Another revolutionary feature allows for measurements with pictures, simply point and capture an image with the DISTO D810's integrated digital camera then adjust the cursors on screen to obtain multiple measurement information from the one photo, making it the ideal tool for the measurement of those hard to reach areas.


  • Touchscreen
  • Pointfinder with 4x zoom and overview camera
  • Camera function with USB download
  • Measure with a picture
  • Precise 360° tilt sensor
  • Smart horizontal mode
  • Height tracking Bluetooth smart 
Simply touch-it
Large touch screen for quick and intuitive operation. Using common gestures such as swipe and zoom with two fingers, all the functions are simply and easily accessible. Measurements can also be taken using the touch screen. This avoids unintentionally moving the Leica DISTO™ D810 touch during the measurement. 
Measure with a picture
It has never been easier to determine the width, height, area or even the diameter of an object. One measurement at right angles to the object is all it takes. Then the desired dimension is marked using two arrows in the picture and the measured value appears in the display. In addition to the zoom stages on the Pointfinder, an overview camera is available for large objects.
Documentation using pictures
The camera function on the Leica DISTO D810 touch can be used to create pictures or screen shots for record purposes, which can then be downloaded to a computer via the USB interface. Thus no details about the measured target points are be lost.
High precision
The Leica DISTO D810 touch offers a number of indirect measuring functions. Due to the specially developed tilt sensor the results are very precise. Even more accurate results can be achieved using the Leica FTA360 tripod adapter with fine drive because this adapter allows exact targeting.
Inclinometer                                                             This allows the user to measure the angles of staircases, disabled access ramps and roofs and with the laser gives you a virtual 200m inclinometer.
360° Tilt Sensor
This means that it is not only possible to measure angles, but horizontal distances too! Combined with the Pointfinder, amazing indirect measurement options are provided. Hence, measurements are possible where no reflective target point is available e.g. when determining the height of a tree or when measuring the height of a reflecting glass facade. These could not be measured with a conventional laser distance meter. 
Height profile measurement
Using this function, the Leica DISTO D810 displays distances and height differences to an established reference point. This makes it easy to quickly make profile measurements, without having to use more expensive measuring methods. Also, this function can be used to check whether cross beams are straight, the levelness of existing floors, among other applications.
Smart Bluetooth                                                         Link to your Smart phone or Tablet. Measurement data can be conveniently and accurately transferred using the integrated Bluetooth Smart Technology. The free app Leica DISTO Sketch 2 supports the creation of ground plans or tables on iPhone or iPad & Android. Dimensions can even be entered onto photographs with no effort whatsoever.
Flexible data transfer
In keypad mode, you can link your Leica DISTO D810 touch to your computer and send measured values in the form of a keyboard entry to any program. This provides a high degree of flexibility. the simplest possible operation of complex measuring functions is a must for Leica Geosystems.

Supplied with:

  • Leica Disto D810
  • Protective Holster
  • Wrist Strap
  • 2x Li-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Multi charge kit
  • USB
  • Instructional CD-Rom
  • 36 month warranty

Technical specifications, function & supported iOS devices

Leica Disto D810 Touch Distance Measurer

The Leica DISTO™ D810 Touch Pro Pack includes a D810, a TRI70 Tripod, Leica's patented FTA360 Fine Tune Adapter, and a hard case to keep it all safe and organized.

There is no need to get the tripod perfectly level. The D810 has a Smart Horizontal mode that uses the angle measurement provided by its tilt sensor to calculate the level horizontal distance to a target. The tripod just stabilizes the DISTO so your laser point doesn't bounce around in wide arcs on your target when you are shooting long distances and/or trying to hit small targets.

 The FTA360 / tripod combo helps you get the most out of the D810's 4x zoom point finder and exclusive Measure in Picture (MIP) function. When you are zoomed in on a target and trying to locate the dot as close to the center as possible to get an accurate MIP, the FTA's fine-tune knobs enable you to make small adjustments at the tripod so you can literally dial in your spot. 


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