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Leica NA730 Plus Auto Level

Leica NA730 Plus Auto Level

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The Leica NA730 Plus automatic level is the top of the NA700 series range and is very popular with builders, engineers and surveyors in the construction and building industry. It is known for its increased durability and accurate measuring on harsh working environments.

The NA730 Plus is tough, it is protected against impacts and can survive short drops, exposure to water and withstand vibrations caused by large machinery. With no need to constantly re-adjust this levelling instrument can continually work and measure precisely all day, every day.

The horizontal circle and bubble are easily identified as they are positioned next to the external sight and telescope for easy targeting. The image is shown upright and the double sided endless drives provide accurate targeting. The NA730 Plus also has exceptional optics which allow for short measuring in adverse light conditions, measuring distances and accurate aiming.

The increased robustness and durable features of the NA730 Plus include dust and water protection. The build quality is second to none with tight seals and a gas filled telescope which aids protection against hazards should the instrument be dropped into water for example.


  • 30x magnification
  • Upright telescopic image
  • Gas filled telescope
  • 40mm objective diameter
  • 70cm short focus distance
  • 360 degrees angle measurement
  • 10' / 2mm circular bubble
  • Endless horizontal drive
  • 0.7mm double run accuracy
  • +/- 15' working range
  • Water resistant
  • -20 to +50°C  operating temperature
Per km double run 0.7mm
Single measurement - Target distance 30m 0.4mm
Setting accuracy <0.3"
Working range +/-15'
Impact standard ISO 9022-33-5
Resistance to water and dust IP57
Temperature Range 
Operation -20° to +50°C
Storage -40° to +70°C
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions 21 x 12 x 12cm
Weight 1.7kg


Package includes:

  • Leica NA730 Plus Automatic Level
  • Carry Case
  • User Manual
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