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Merlin Lazer TGi Toughened Glass Indicator

Merlin Lazer TGi Toughened Glass Indicator

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The pocket-sized Merlin Lazer TGi (Toughened Glass Indicator) is an ideal solution to the age old problem of verifying whether glass has been toughened or not. 

The Merlin TGi changes all that. It is compact lightweight, reliable and affordable and it is able to indicate whether glass is toughened in single or multipane units, instantly at the touch of a button. 

The Merlin TGi could hardly be easier to use, simply place it on the glass to be tested then slide it across the surface while looking into the viewing window. The colour of the light reflected back from the glass surfaces will indicate instantly whether or not the glass has been toughened.

The TGi compliments the Merlin Lazer Gauge and when used together offer the most comprehensive safety risk assessment kit available for any professional involved in the testing and measurement of glass.  

Typical users include:

  • Glass makers
  • Building contractors
  • Building control officers
  • Trading standards inspectors
  • Maintenance officers
  • Safety officers
  • Risk assessors
  • Glaziers
  • Surveyors
  • Architects
  • Window manufactures and glass merchants. 

There are no batteries to worry about either, as the Merlin TGi is powered by rechargeable NiMH cells and comes with its own quality protective pouch and battery charger.

Technical note:
The Merlin TGi is designed to pick up stress in glass, which is a by-product of both toughening & heat-strengthened processes. This means you cannot identify which process was used. Only that stress has been created.

Merlin Lazer Toughened Glass Indicator User Guide

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