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Metrica Crack Monitoring Gauge 10/20

Metrica Crack Monitoring Gauge 10/20

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Metrica Crack Monitoring Gauge from Italy

Crack monitoring gauges are one of the simplest ways to monitor movements in building and structures. The basic tell-tale crack monitoring ruler monitors horizontal and vertical movement across a crack on a flat surface.

Crack Monitoring gaugeMetrica Crack Gauge


  • The crack monitor device is made of polycarbonate
  • Includes 2 pins for reading accuracy with Vernier callipers (not included)
  • Measuring movements: horizontal scale +/- 20mm, Vertical scale +/- 10mm    
  • Reading accuracy of +/- 0.5  mm on grid.
  • Fix using screws and adhesive (not included)
  • Supplied with Crack Monitoring Record Sheet (Please feel free to download a complimentary spare)

 Standard Tell Tale Crack Monitoring Record Sheet 

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