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Monitoring L-Bar Mini Prism

Monitoring L-Bar Mini Prism

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Monitoring and mining L-Bar Mini Prism mounted in metal holder. Supplied with L-Bar for fixed installations. The Prism offset is dependent on the mounting position. Range up to 2000 m. For price and availability please call.

The L-Bar monitoring and mining Mini Prism is intended for use with Total Station data collection systems.The L-Bar Mini Prism consists of a copper coated optical glass prism in a dust and water proof anodized aluminium housing, mounted with an 8mm hex bolt to an anodized aluminium “L” mounting bracket.

This configuration allows the prism to be properly aligned with the AMTS on variable mounting surfaces. Prisms are used where X, Y & Z measurements are desired.

Use the L-Bar Mini Prism to monitor movements on all types of structures or geologic features, such as: Response of adjacent structures to construction or natural ground movements. Response of tunnels during construction Slab adjustments during jacking, or soil improvement operations.Provides an early warning system of pending landslide areas and slope failure by monitoring the stability and movement of natural slopes, highways, railways and dams. Behaviour of structural members under loads/ unloading

The L-Bar Mini Prism may be mounted onto the structure or geologic feature with a standard grout in, mechanical or other user determined method. It should be installed in line of sight with the Automated Motorized Total Station system. The prism should then be rotated and positioned to be in correct alignment with the AMTS and locked into place with an 8mm hex bolt.

The system can be left in place in all types of weather for permanent installations. The high quality optics requires no maintenance.
Care should be taken to avoid areas where steam vapour, snow, ice, smoke, or obstructions may block the line of sight to the AMTS. 

Prism housing 57mm
L-bar 15 x 75mm
Overall height 89mm
L-bar mounting bore 10.2mm


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