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Nedo Rail Track Measuring Wheel

Nedo Rail Track Measuring Wheel

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The Nedo Rail Track Measuring Wheel offers a life time of reliable rail track measurement by professionals, for professionals. A robust design and quality product - made in Germany & Switzerland.

The Nedo Measuring Wheel meets the highest standards in terms of precision, quality and reliability. Thanks to tight manufacturing tolerances and a high quality counter, it's accuracy is +/- 0.02%, which corresponds to a maximum error of +/- 2cm over a distance of 1000m. 


With the optional Railroad Track Guide removed this dual purpose measuring device can be used as a standard accurate Road Measuriong Wheel. The counter, which has a display resolution in cm, is mounted securely above the wheel and is driven by a toothed belt. Zero setting is done with a hand lever.



The Track Guide keeps the Nedo Super Measuring Wheel from slipping off the track It can be easily fitted or removed without tools. 

The brake is integrated into the sturdy rest support. The ergonomic pistol grip and the rugged aluminium guide bar make handling easy at all times. A clever mechanism permits the guide bar to be folded away for transport. Gap between roller guides 74mm.

Wheel circumference  1m
Measuring range    0 to 9,999.99 m
Counter arrangement    central 
Resolution  0.01 m  
Weight approx. 3.65 kg
Tolerance     0.02 %

Package contains:

  • Nedo Railtrack Measuring Wheel
  • 2 x Railroad Track Guides
  • Carry Case

Nedo Rail Track Measuring Wheel, pdf brochure

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