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Nikon AS-2 34x Mag. Precision Auto Level

Nikon AS-2 34x Mag. Precision Auto Level

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The Nikon AS-2 Automatic Level with 34x magnification provides a high degree of accuracy for a variety of survey applications, including elevation control and monitoring.

This ergonomically designed, waterproof level features a powerful telescope, optional horizontal circle (C) and endless horizontal drive for smooth precision pointing and angular measurement.. In addition to this, a penta-prism mirror enables the viewing of a circular bubble as an erect image.

Optical Qualities: See brighter, sharper images with improved minimum focusing. You'll see the difference when you look through a Nikon automatic level. Nikon's legendary optics effectively let in more light. The result is brighter, sharper images, especially in low-visibility conditions. You'll see much more detail and much less distortion. Better optics help you aim more precisely and they're much easier on your eyes, something you'll really appreciate on long workdays.


  • Waterproof design, Nitrogen filled, sealed optics for superior performance in harsh conditions
  • Automatic air-dampened compensator that prevents magnetic interference
  • Superb Nikon optics with powerful telescope
  • Endless horizontal drive and optional horizontal circle (C)
  • Optional Parallel Micrometer & Diagonal Eyepiece
  • Optional High- and Low-power Eyepiece lenses 
Technical Specifications
Magnification 34x
Aperture 45mm
Min Focus distance 1.0m
Accuracy +/- 0.8mm (1km double run levelling)
Accuracy +/- 0.4mm (1km double run levelling with optional Micrometer
Automatic Compensator
Type Wire-hung, air dampened
Compensation range +/- 12'
Setting accuracy +/- 0.3"
Instrument 1.8kg
Case 1.8kg


  • Nikon AS-2C with horizontal optical reading circle. Direct to 10', estimation to 1'.
  • Nikon Plan Parallel Optical Micrometer
Nikon optical micrometer Nikon optical micrometer

Plane parallel micrometer. Recommended for high-precision levelling applications such as machinery installation. The plane parallel micrometer attaches to the front of the telescope. When the parallel glass plane is tilted, it displaces the line of sight parallel to itself to measure the fractions of graduation interval on a levelling staff. The measurement range is 10mm with the smallest unit of measurement 0.1mm.

Japanese quality, supplied by GSR Laser Tools with Certificate dated at time of purchase.

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