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Nivcomp mSD Electronic Hydrostatic Level

Nivcomp mSD Electronic Hydrostatic Level

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The Nivcomp digital level Micro SD model combines the function of the standard version with extra features for extended data storage and evaluation.
Using the USB/Micro SD card reader the transfer of data is simpler and quicker. Level-point storage is almost endless.

Special model recommended for Architects, Surveyors, Structural Engineers and Archaeologists, etc, when up to 500 level-points need to be recorded on-site. micro-SD-Card & USB-Card-Reader included (compatible with all desktop computers with USB port)

Typical accuracy of +/- 2 mm within the whole range of maximum 48 m. Level indicator can be calibrated manually. Easy self-check. No installation, no tripod necessary. Key extension and magnetic clamp (optional) The fluid system is substantially free of losses and does not need any maintenance. Data evaluation on the PC & Data storage.
                Easy levelling through one-button operation (typical application of the handheld device)
Versatility & Easy Handling. Transfer points & take readings around corners.
Measuring of raw soils. Determination of filling capacities. Surveying of surface profiles. Combines the basic version’s features with extended data evaluation.
                 Recording of area data for volume calculation and documentation. Storage capacity is almost endless, record up to 500 Jobs with each job can hold 1000’s of single point measurements.
Measured-value resolution: < 1 mm.
                Floorec Software
Data can be read and processed on the PC with the Florec transfer software downloaded from the mSD card. Delivery includes one mSD mini card & USB to card reader adapter. Retro-fitting of the currently circulating standard Nivcomp models devices is not possible.
Horizontal and Vertical outreach to 48m diameter (*Measuring with accessories)
Nivcomp’s are an ideal tool for many Application & Trades.
Building contractors, Floor work, Dry lining, Timber construction, Terracing and Window manufacturing, Paving and Road construction, Site managers, Architects, Building consultants
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