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Nivcomp Standard Electronic Hydrostatic Level

Nivcomp Standard Electronic Hydrostatic Level

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Nivcomp Standard Digital Hose Level - Versatility at its best. Problem-free measuring for unevenness of surfaces and gradients, taking of reference levels, level checking and checking of control measurements on adjacent walls, and between trenches and tie bars, as well as across obstacles where the line of sight is blocked. Nivcomp is the first levelling instrument of its kind to let you work alone and even around corners with better than 2 mm precision and cover up to ± 2.5 meters vertically over a 24M radius.

The handheld device contains the sensing technology for the acquisition of the altitude difference to the reservoir in the hose reel. The hose reel with pressing screw and indicator module contains the liquid reservoir – which forms the point of reference during levelling.
In order to transmit a level to another point, you line up the handheld device against this level and save it as zero-reference per keystroke. Every following change in altitude of the handheld device is indicated in millimetres (or inch) as well as with the direction (arrows or ±). This applies to every point within the radius of 24 metres to the hose reel. The patented recording of the liquid’s temperature makes optimal results possible, even in case of applications outdoors (complying with the respective directions).

Nivcomp directly displays vertical measurements on a LCD, in large, easy to read digits, unlike conventional builder’s optical and laser levels.


  • Easy to operate
  • Durable & maintenance free
  • No setting up or tripods required
  • Measures height differences in blind areas
  • No laser beam (no safety concerns)
  • One man operation
  • Hand unit can be vertical or flat

The solid and double-walled PP-case with space for optional accessories guarantees easy unwinding and rewinding of the 24M hose

Reproducibility (inside, typical) ± 2 mm at a maximum measuring point-to-point distance of 48 m
Vertical outreach ± 2.5 m (± 4.0 m)
Altitude indication mm / Inch
resolution 1 mm (sign character 0.3 mm)
Temperature range of application about 0 ... +35 °C
Battery handheld device 1 x AA (alkaline) 1.5 V
Energy requirement, operating time ~ 10 mW / > 250 h
Dimensions 450 x 420 x 150 mm
Weight 5.5 kg
Certificates CE, FCC, conforming with RoHS
Low-emission In accordance with the EMC-product-standards


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