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Optical Plummet Suki ZN-20

Optical Plummet Suki ZN-20

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The Optical Plummet Zuki ZN-20 is ideal for Plumbing in Surveying. Building and in the Engineering & Construction Industry.

Accuracy 1 : 30000 Zenith, 1 : 2000 Nadir
Objective Aperture 30mm
Magnification 20 x Zenith
Minimum Focus 1.20m Zenith
Field of View 1 deg. 43
Magnification 2 x Nadir
Minimum Focus 0.5m Nadir
Weight 3.3kg
Optional  Laser attachment


Supplied with Tribrach (Zeiss style, not compatible with Leica/Wild type), Mount on Tripod or Wall Bracket

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