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Poly Chain Storage / Anchor Cord Reel

Poly Chain Storage / Anchor Cord Reel

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A convenient method for carrying the Surveyor Ropes and Polychains.

The Ruslyn Cordwheel is a high quality, heavy duty, lightweight, and ergonomic handheld cord wheel used in emergency services, rescue and homeland security for OH&S. Tangle free handling and storage of cable, rope, optical fibre, barrier tape, hose and wire used by State Emergency Services (SES), Police, Fire, Bomb Disposal Teams (EOD), Dive and Mine Rescue and also in the audio-visual industry, geophysics and power industries.

The Ruslyn Cordwheel is Australian designed and manufactured. 

Reel diameter 35.6cm
Reel width 10.9cm
Weight: Empty reel 785g
Capacities, Guide 
Signals cable WD-1/TT (Don 10) 350m
Cat cable 175m
Power cable 30m
Rope 10mm diamete 50m
Firing cable 250m
Detonator cord 175m
Shock tube 400m
Air hose 20m
Fire hose (19 & 25mm) 30m
Optical fibre cable As Required
Audio / Visual cable As Required
Barrier tape, NDT tape As Required
Wire and chain As Required


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