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Pulsar Digisight N850 LRF Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Pulsar Digisight N850 LRF Digital Night Vision Riflescope

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Pulsar Digisight LRF N850 Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Integrated Laser Rangefinder
Extra precise shooting requires an exact knowing of distance. Integrated laser rangefinder with range up to 400 m allows to measure distance in single measuring mode and in scanning mode with precision up to +/- 1 meter
In the conditions of changeable landscape, when shooting from high stands it is recommended to use THD (True Horizontal Distance) measuring mode – in this mode rangefinder, taking into account angle of shooter’s elevation relative to a target (AoE; its value is also displayed on the screen) calculates true horizontal distance to an object. 
  Selectable Reticles
A reticle is electronically displayed on the screen and is permanently located in the plane of target image. The Digisight LRF’s internal memory contains 13th reticles of various shapes and applications. The central part of the reticles is illuminated; colour can be changed from red to green. The colour of the main part can be switched from black to white
  Eyesafe Eye Relief
The Digisight riflescopes feature a 67 mm eye relief – one of the best parameters in its class. The greater is the eye relief the less traumatic is the use of the scope, especially on hunting weapons with considerable recoil
  3 types of zeroing parameters memorization
The software allows the user to save in riflescope’s memory three points of impact for three various distances (types of weapon or cartridges), and each option allows the use of a dedicated reticle. The horizontal and vertical numeric coordinates of the reticle position facilitates windage/elevation adjustments and completes memorization function.
  High shock resistance
The Digisight LRF riflescopes feature high shock resistance and can be used with rifled hunting weapon for such cartridges as 9.3?64, .30-06, .300, .375. etc, and with smooth-bore and airsoft weapon.
  Variable magnification
Magnification provided by optic and software parts of Digisight LRF, makes up 4.5-9x. Magnification changes gradually – available magnification range consists of 10 steps (division value is less than 0,5x). Zoom value is displayed in the status bar in the bottom part of the screen
  Rifle inclination angle
When rifle is inclined horizontally for an angle of more than 5 degrees a warning sign appears – compound arrows with indication of direction and incline level. The more lines are in the compound arrow the greater is the angle of side incline
  Zeroing with FREEZE function
Standard for Digisight Riflescopes “one shot zeroing” in Digisight LRF models is complemented by an even more convenient zeroing function - “Freeze”. Now after making a zeroing shot it is enough to save a frame of a target in the memory of the Riflescope and align reticle with point of impact looking at this frame without the necessity of keeping full immobility of a weapon
    Wide operating temperature range
Ability to operate in normal mode at sub-zero temperatures is due to the use of a frost-resistant OLED display featuring fast response and provides crisp image when observing dynamic object
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