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Rotosure Classique Pro Measuring Wheel

Rotosure Classique Pro Measuring Wheel

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The Roto-Sure Classique-Pro is our top-selling Measuring Wheel, used by shires, councils, police forces, road workers and many other diversified tradespeople and measuring professionals.

Common uses for the Rotosure Measuring Wheels are:
Road Marking, Construction, Paving, Fencing, Pool Building, General Construction, Garden Layouts, Sports Fields, Factory Layouts, Property Assessment, Traffic Control, Insurance Assessments and many more - too numerous to mention.

Can be used on most surfaces, smooth and uneven over long or short distances.



  • Pistol grip zero reset
  • Trigger brake
  • Metric increments 100mm
  • Metric measures to 10,000m
  • Folds in half push button release clip
  • Push button zero reset
  • Kick down side stand
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Wrist strap
  • Wheel circumference 1m
  • Wheel diameter 318mm
  • Heavy duty
  • Debris scraper
  • Follows fine edges
  • Balanced in line movement
  • Wheel runs on sealed roller bearings
  • Weight 2.36kg


Optional Carry Case







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