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Scalex Plan Wheel XLU3

Scalex Plan Wheel XLU3

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Scalex Plan Wheel XLU3 Measuring Wheel

The PlanWheel XLU3 is the perfect tool for taking scaled measurements from blueprints, maps and plans. Just select the built-in scale factor to match the plan and roll the Plan Wheel. The measurement is displayed instantly. Portable, uses two AAA batteries (included). Connects to your computer with optional Interface Kit - Sold Separately. 


  • 111 built-in and thousands of available user-defined scale factors.
  • Includes all common scales - imperial and metric too.
  • Calculate auto-scale factor from reduced, enlarged or odd-scale drawings.
  • Measures in inches, feet, yards, miles, centimetres, and kilometres.
  • Calculates square and cubic dimensions for regular areas and volumes.
  • Counter and adder buttons on probe tip let you count items or add fixed lengths as you scale.
  • Create, store and retrieve 2 user-defined scale factors.
  • Clear, audible tone indicates wheel movement.
  • Automatic shut-off assures long battery life.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Plus minus (+ -) mode allows user to simply back to deduct an over-rolled measurement.
  • Accuracy - ±0.25%
  • Resolution – 1.0mm

 Option: Buy Scalex Plan Wheel XLU3 with Case

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