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Senshin Telescopic Fibreglass Measuring Pole

Senshin Telescopic Fibreglass Measuring Pole

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Telescopic Fibreglass Measuring Stick (Tape Reading)

Available in 4m, 6m, 8m, and 12m lengths.


- Made of high quality, light yet strong and durable fibreglass. 

- Fully insulated

- Durable expanding joints for speedy handling and easy work. 

- Digital tape resistant to heat and cold (-70°C +/- 150°C)


Measure height of a tunnel, bridge, signboard, tree or loaded cargo. 


Pole Sections Minimum Length Weight
4 Metre 8 69 cm 0.83 kg
6 Metre 8 94 cm 1.1 kg
8 Metre 8 142 cm 2 kg
12 Metre 10 141 cm 2.8 kg


Senshin measuring pole pdf brochure




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