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Senshin Vehicle Height Measuring Pole

Senshin Vehicle Height Measuring Pole

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The Senshin Vehicle Height Fibreglass Measuring Pole features a right-angle adapter and a 1.3 m crossbar so you can measure the height of a truck from the middle of the vehicle rather than the side.

Made of high quality, light weight, strong and durable fiberglass, this fully insulated pole has a sliding tape measure inside that passes by an index window.

Available in 5m and 8m lengths.

A great way to avoid finding out the hard way that the air inlet snorkel is too high, check max. load height etc.


  5 metre Pole 8 metre Pole
Minimum Length 128 cm 142 cm
Cross Arm Telescopic, from 75cm to 130cm
Weight 1.7 kg 2.2 kg
Included Soft carry bag

Senshin Measuring Pole pdf brochure

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