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SOLA Inclinometer 50cm with 2 Magnets

SOLA Inclinometer 50cm with 2 Magnets

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Inclinometer with 2 Magnets

Rotatable circular 12cm acrylic disc on a 13x13cm gold anodised backing plate.
Mounted on a 50cm aluminium box profile gold anodised 50 x 23 mm fitted with 2 magnets in the base.
Measured values of the circular scale:

  • Angle degrees 4 x 90°, 1 division = 0.5°
  • Gradients 0 - 100 %
  • Inclination ratios

SOLA guarantee of quality

30 years' guarantee on vial tightness at SOLA – thanks to patented ultrasonic welding.
20 years' guarantee on vial liquid light resistance for sustained reading precision.
Antistatic-guarantee: SOLA vials do not become electrostatically charged – thanks to the unique recipe of the liquid. 100% certainty for measuring results shown
Thermal resistance guarantee: SOLA spirit levels function perfectly in a temperature range from -20 °C to +60 °C

Alloyed aluminium profiles with material strength F25 guarantee the long service life of SOLA spirit levels.
Anodised profiles (silver, gold) feature a hard protective coating, making them suitable for the working day on-site.
Coated profiles are mainly used in the tile or glass sector. The work piece does not get scratched. Painted profiles are not used at SOLA.
Admittedly, they are generally cheaper, however offer less protection.
Screeding level profiles are subject to particular stress. A reinforced centre bar guarantees robustness and reliability. SOLA quality vials made of acrylic glass

Block vials are a prerequisite for inversion precision of the vials. All spirit levels for professional use are equipped with these vials. Furthermore: they are absolutely unbreakable!

Tube vials are cheaper, but not as impact resistant. Spirit levels with this type of vial are also unsuited to inverted measurements due to the production tolerances.
Electronic vial inspection

Each individual spirit level is tested electronically in the guaranteed precision ranges – for 100% reliable measuring results. 



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