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Supa Rule 600 Cable Height Meter

Supa Rule 600 Cable Height Meter

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The Suparule 600 Cable Height Meter is a hand-held ultrasonic measuring device to check wire clearance and spacing for up to 6 wires. A safe alternative to telescopic ranging sticks. The Suparule Cable Height Meter utilises ultrasonic signals to determine the height of overhead cables up to 15M. 
Simple single button operation
Easy to use stand underneath, press the button, and read the measurement
Fast measurements in seconds
Safe no contact with conductors/wire
Accurate less than 0.5% error in reading


Key Features:

  • Measures up to 15M
  • Easy to use with LCD Display
  • One man, one button operation
  • Long life battery capable of 50,000 measurements
  • Auto power off after 3 minutes
  • Error typically less than 0.5%,(9.7M to 3.2mm Ø cables)
  • Operation is at the speed of sound
  • One push button operation
  • Differentiates between 1st----6th wires. (ie 0.9M clearance regulation)
  • Measures from 3 m up to 15 m
  • Ambient temperature compensated
  • Battery operated, low maintenance
  • Rugged construction

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