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Supa Rule 600E Cable Height Meter

Supa Rule 600E Cable Height Meter

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The Suparule 600E Cable Height Meter is a handheld instrument for measurement of cable sag, cable height and overhead clearance.A safe alternative to telescopic ranging sticks. The suparule Cable height Meter utilises ultrasonic signals to determine the height of overhead cables up to 23m. Measures up to six cables.


  • Quick Measurement - saves time and money
  • Inherently safe - No physical connection to cables or wires required to obtain measurement
  • Extremely Accurate - measures to accuracy of 0.5%
  • Ease-of-use - Simple, three button operation ensures fast, effective measurements with a minimum of operator training
  • Compact size - Its light-weight and hand-held portability allows easy transport and multible measurements.
  • Maintenance free - Proven reliability in the field, no adjustments required


  • Telephone lines
  • Distribution lines
  • Transmission lines
  • Cable television
  • Street lighting
  • SAG (lowest point to the ground
  • Clearance on construction sites

Used by Utility, Telecom, Cable TV installers, Heavy Construction, Contractors, Haulage

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