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Tramex Moisture Encounter ME5

Tramex Moisture Encounter ME5

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Tramex Moisture Encounter ME5 the NEW moisture Meter for building materials with 5 sensitivity settings - Wood, & Timber,, Shallow Depth, Drywall & Roofing, Masonry, Plaster and Tile, with Bluetooth connectivity, rugged design, longer battery life and optional extension bracket and telescopic handle for hard to access areas.

The Moisture Encounter has been the world's best non-invasive moisture meter for decades. Now the ME5 is ready to take its capabilities to a new level, with the same repeatability of readings and largest sample size, the new Moisture Encounter ME5 also includes:

  • Dual Depth Functionality (shallow - up to 10mm and deep - up to 30mm
  • Bluetooth connection to iOS & Android app, allowing for continual development and integration of apps and reporting
  • Improved sensor pads
  • Great new look enclosure with rugged ergonomic design
  • Optional Extension Bracket with Telescopic Handle 
Tramex Moisture Meter ME5  Tramex Moisture Encounter ME5 on Concrete
Tramex Moisture Encounter ME5   Tramex Moisture Encounter ME5
Power 2 x AALR6 alkaline batteries (included)
Display Analogue
Depth of Penetration
Shallow Signal up to 10mm
Deep Signal up to 30mm
Wood Moisture Content 5 to 30%
Reference for Building Materials 0 to 100
Construction ABS body
Size 160 x 85 x 38mm
Weight 270g


 Tramex Moisture Encounter ME5, pdf brochure

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