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Tramex Moisture Encounter MEX5

Tramex Moisture Encounter MEX5

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The NEW Moisture Encounter MEX5 is the ultimate digital Dual-Depth, non-destructive moisture and humidity meter, ideal for surveying moisture and humidity conditions in building structures. The MEX5 has a built-in hygrometer and surface thermometer.

The MEX5 measures moisture content in wood and drywall and provides comparative readings in various building materials such as roofing, plaster, tile and masonry. It also features a built-in hygrometer for ambient conditions and psychrometric values and an Infrared Surface Thermometer. These individual and collective features make the MEX5 an essential and indispensable asset for professionals in the building moisture inspection and restoration industry.


The Moisture Encounter MEX5 detects and evaluates moisture conditions within various building materials by non-destructively measuring the electrical impedance. A low frequency electronic signal is transmitted into the material via the electrodes in the base of the instrument. The strength of this signal varies in proportion to the amount of moisture in the material under test. The MEX5 determines the strength of the current and converts this to a moisture content value, displaying it on the large display.

Dual depth measuring range:

- The MEX5 moisture meter features dual depth measuring range. Deep Depth penetration of up to 1¼" (30mm) and Shallow Depth penetration of up to ⅜” (9mm).

- The dual depth readings of surface and core moisture can be compared to eliminate the influence of the substrate when testing coverings.

- The pinless moisture meter measures moisture content % of wood from 0-30%. The meter can be expanded with the use of pin probes for wood, wood by-products and drywall as well as relative humidity sensor probes for evaluating ambient conditions.

- All moisture and humidity readings can be visualised and Geotagged with the Tramex Meters App and turned into moisture maps, reports and charts for sharing.

- Locating moisture-related problems and relative humidity issues within and behind a variety of building materials in the building envelope.

- Mapping the extent of moisture damage caused to buildings.

- Monitoring progressive drying conditions in the drying process of building materials and surfaces.

- Dual-Depth penetration allows for comparison of surface and core moisture and elimination of substrate influence on the testing of coverings.

NDT - Non destructive testing
- %MC dual depth measurement of wood
- Comparative dual depth of drywall, roofing, plaster, tile and masonry
- Dual depth comparative readings of surface and core moisture for eliminating influence of substrate on moisture testing of coverings
- LED indicator Low/Med/High for all NDT scales
- Built-in Hygrometer readings on permanent display
- Built-in Surface Temperature Infrared Thermometer
- Adjustable Specific Gravity for NDT wood readings
- Baseline reference reading set point adjuster to compare to known dry / drying goal reading

Built-in hygrometer and Infrared Surface Thermometer
- Psychrometric evaluations of Ambient RH, Temp, Dew Point Temp, Humidity Ratio (GPP, g/kg)
- Surface Temperature
- Delta Temperature value
- Enthalpy readings
- Emissivity adjustment for surface temperature correction


Size 180mm x 85mm x 40mm
Weight 290g
Construction ABS Body
Power 2 x AALR6 ALKALINE (included)
Display 58mm x 35mm
Depth of Penetration Shallow signal: up to 9mm
Deep Signal up to 30mm
Measuring Range of MEX5 moisture meter:
NDT Moisture content for Wood 0 → 30% MC
NDT Comparative for Building Materials 0 → 100
Pin % MC  Wood 6 → approx 50% MC
Pin % MC Drywall: 0 → 8.5% MC
Relative Humidity 0 → 99%


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