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TriMax Dual Clamping Composite Flat Head Tripod

TriMax Dual Clamping Composite Flat Head Tripod

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Tripod TriMax Composite Flat Head

The TriMax is a super strong, very stable Tripod. Ideal for Total & Robotic Total stations. Made of durable light weight fibreglass composite. Height with leg closed fully extended is 181 cm and closed transport height is 113cm.

Every Seco Trimax composite dual clamp tripod carries a serial number for traceability. Trimax uses fibreglass construction in both top and bottom leg sections with specially contoured struts for extra strength and stability. The large round plate caters to the biggest and heaviest instruments and is highly recommended for robotic total stations.


Optional Carry Bag

This Seco heavy-duty bag will carry many different brands of tripods, including SECO and Crain Tri-Max.






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