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Ubexi XR 650 Horizontal & Vertical Laser Kit

Ubexi XR 650 Horizontal & Vertical Laser Kit

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Horizontal and Vertical Laser Kit  -  Superseded / Good Condition

  • Horizontal and vertical laser
  • Remote control
  • High strength material plus TPE for better shockproof
  • Operating distance 200m
  • Slope function in manual mode
Ubexi XR650 Ubexi XR650

Accuracy +/- 3mm / 30m
Operating range up to 200m
Self levelling range
Laser class 2
Power NiMH Rechargeable
IP Protection IP54

Ubexi XR650 Included in Package:
  • Ubexi XR 650 Laser
  • Receiver & Bracket
  • Remote Control
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Carry Case

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